From Civitavecchia port to Rome

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Civitavecchia: how to move easily in town, from Civitavecchia to Rome, how to get from Civitavecchia port to train station, or how to get from Rome to Civitavecchiahow far is Civitavecchia from Rome?

We are going to check the best ways to move from Civitavecchia to choose your transportation.

Civitavecchia is a wonderful city, the Port of Rome offers different ways to move in town or get the train such as Bus, Shuttle Bus, taxi or Private drivers.

Let’s begin clarifying the best way about how to move in Civitavecchia.

From Civitavecchia Port to Train Station

Shuttle Bus 

The best and cheapest to move inside the port of Civitavecchia is getting the port shuttle bus, easily you can go from the cruise to the Fort Michelangelo or Largo della Pace, where you can get the bus to the train station.

The shuttle service is totally free 

Shuttle buses run every 20 minutes.

Service is guaranteed from 05.30 to 24.00.

More info about Shuttle please check the Port Mobility Article

On Foot

The best way to enjoy the city of Civitavecchia before leave it. The distance from Civitavecchia port to the station is about 20 minutes by walking (1,5km)


This is the expansive but is the fastest way to get to the train station, you can find a driver outside the cruise, the price should be around €20 more or less and it takes 5 minutes.

Civitavecchia to Rome and Airport

How far is the cruise port from Rome? the distance is about 80km and it takes less then 1 hour by train, car or bus.

By Train

The fastest and cheapest way to go to Rome is getting the train from Civitavecchia Train station.

The ticket’s cost is from €6 (One way) to €12 (Bird tickets all day train and bus in Rome), and it takes about 1 hour 

To see the Civitavecchia to Rome train schedule just go on the website of Trenitalia by clicking here

By Private Car or taxi

Fast and easy, you can book a transfer outside the station you can find taxi service or via internet you can book a private car with driver, the cost for both service private or public it’s from €100 to €200 depends of the destination.

By Bus

To go to Rome by bus you can get the bus of the transport agency COTRAL.

Civitavecchia Rome by bus takes 1 hour and 50 minutes and the ticket price is around €5

more about COTRAL transport here




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